BR Metrology specializes in many aspects of Metrology support, with a focus on CMM Programming, Training and Consulting.  20 Years in the industry, working with hundreds of clients in the Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Industries provides BRM with a deep-seated understanding of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to product validation.


Expert CMM Programming 

BR Metrology Inc. has created thousands of CMM programs using a variety of software packages including Zeiss Calypso (shown), Mitutoyo MCOSMOS and PCDMIS.


Our experience runs the gammut of types of parts and manufacturing processes.


  • Castings/Forgings

  • Plastic Injection

  • Stampings/Hydroforming

  • Precision Machining

  • Gauges/Fixtures

  • Automation Tooling/EOAT


We offer full Turn-key systems including CMM programming, Custom & Modular Fixturing Solutions, Standard & Custom Probes and operator training.



Custom CMM Training 

In our experience, training is much more effective when done on your CMM, using your parts, tailored to what you want/need to know.  This greatly reduces the time required for training in comparison to a generic, off-site program.  What this means for our clients is less operator training downtime, a quicker learning curve for trainees and more practical experience on the CMM during training.  Much of the time, we'll complete real inspection projects during the training.


CMM software packages are quite powerful and versatile, and learning the full spectrum of what the software and machine can do inside of a week-long (or more) training program results in minimal comprehension/retention.  We find it most effective to carry out a 2-3 day program, let the trainees loose on the CMM, then a follow up visit once they've had a chance to put their training to practical use and have compiled a list of questions.


GD&T Analyses/Review 

The contract is awarded, tooling is designed and manufactured, first off parts are off to be inspected.  This may be the first time that someone with an intimate knowledge of GD&T looks at the drawing.


Often, tolerances issues are not caught until it's too late.  


  • Detect real and potential tolerance issues and deal with them before parts are manufactured.

  • Create effective gauging systems and avoid the inspection bottleneck.

  • Gain a clear understanding of precisely what is expected from the product design. 

CMM Efficiency Consulting & Analyses

Often, we just assume things are running as well as can be expected.  A fresh set of eyes will undoubtedly uncover areas for improvement and increased efficiency.  We bring our knowledge and experience to your inspection lab.


  • Discover opportunities for more effective use of CMM time.

  • Realize the full potential from your CMM and software.

  • Streamline existing CMM programs to run faster.

  • Correct potential measuring errors inherent in existing programs and/or fixturing.

  • Enhance workholding methods for quicker/easier loading and more repeatable measurements.

  • Schedule CMM personell more effectiveliy and reduce inspection bottlenecks.

Measurement Systems Analyses 

Let our experience and knowledge guide the way to real process capability.  Having a third party carry out a measurement systems analyses will elminate any bias and ensure your process is capable of meeting your customers expectations.


  • Gauge R&R Studies

  • Capability Studies

  • Test Method Evaluation

  • Gauge Design/Improvement

  • Part Fixturing Support

  • Datum Structure Evaluation


Calibration Systems Support & Improvement

Having an in-house calibration system requires proper test methods, clear procedures, equipment traceability, a gauge tracking system and trained personell to carry out the calibrations.  A deficiency in any one of these areas could mean a non-conformance in an audit, or worse, a product recall due to suspect measurements.


BR Metrology Inc. has years of experience creating and maintaining calibration systems which meet ISO17025 laboratory accreditation standards.  Here's what we can do for you.


  • Support New System Implemention

  • Existing System Improvement

  • Third Party Audit of your calibration system, ensuring any deficiancies are exposed and addressed.